Cartooning for Peace and Democracy

Cartooning for Peace and Democracy Exhibition

As a time when democracies, all over the world, are weakened by war, populism, disinformation, inequalities, injustices… and even pandemics, this exhibition highlights the power of press car- toons and satire to reflect upon, and remind us all, of the importance of democratic values, free- dom of expression, and equality between men and women, to promote peace and respect for human rights.

The exhibition brings together cartoonists from Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Denmark, France and Switzerland. A pedagogical booklet will also be produced and and distributed to edu- cation professionals for advocacy programmes in schools and communities in Kenya.

2021 Project


supporting the Arts and Cultural Sector


The newly formed EUNIC Cluster in Kenya launches its inaugural project in support of the local Arts and Cultural sector.  EUNIC stands for the European Union National Institutes for Culture.

The EUNIC network was established in 2006 to create effective partnerships and networks between the European Union National Institutes for Culture to improve and promote cultural diversity, and strengthen international dialogue and cooperation with countries outside of the European Union.

EUNIC Kenya aims to foster cultural exchanges and cooperation between Europe and Kenya; support the development of skills in the arts and culture sector within Kenya and connect the Kenyan arts and culture sector with Europe.

Covid-19 has revealed and magnified the pre-existing volatility in the cultural sector and the often-precarious status of the artist. On the other hand, it has also accelerated the transition to the digital space for many creatives and prompted many to start exploring ways of incorporating digital technology in their artforms. New cross-border connections have multiplied and knowledge enhanced thanks to virtual encounters.

The Wasanii Waomoke Fund aims to support knowledge transfer, capacity building and networking; contribute to the creation and distribution of creative works as well as help build new audiences.

The Fund will support 10 projects with a grant of up to 150,000/- KShs each to individuals and/or groups for:

  • the creation of innovative/experimental works of art across any discipline,
  • virtual programming that facilitates knowledge transfer, exchanges, and capacity building,
  • leveraging on digital technology and platforms to engage with audiences,
  • the completion of an ongoing work/project.


A Jury made up of cultural stakeholders and EUNIC Kenya members will select the 10 deserving projects based on:

  • creativity
  • originality
  • feasibility
  • knowledge generation
  • audience building


  • Open to creatives living and working in Kenya (over 18rs, individuals or groups).
  • The artworks/projects must not infringe the copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, or other personal or proprietary rights of any person or entity.
  • The grant shall not be used for venue hire, strictly salaries or supplies.
  • Successful applicants agree to EUNIC Kenya members using their name and image in promotional activities related to the project in all media including print and digital, without any compensation.
  • Grantees consent to have their works/projects showcased to the public through either virtual or physical platforms, and reproduced in print or digital forms for showcasing, documentation, educational and promotional purposes.
  • Acknowledge the EUNIC Kenya support by featuring the EUNIC Kenya logo on the final work/project – in both print and digital mediums.
  • Grantees accept to participate in discussions to present their projects and share best practices and lessons learnt.
  • Successful applicants shall be asked to submit a narrative report with project evaluation at the end of their project.
  • EUNIC Kenya supports the efforts of creatives and their partners and shall not ask for exclusive funding rights.
  • EUNIC Kenya reserves the right to modify the terms and the criteria of the call should it be judged necessary.
  • Applications to be submitted by email to


  • Call launched: Monday, 1 March 2021
  • Application deadline: Wednesday, 31 March 2021 (Midnight, EAT)
  • Successful grantees to be announced: Friday, 30 April 2021
  • Funds to be released by Monday, 10 May 2021
  • Successful projects and activities to be completed with report and evaluation submitted by Sunday, 31 October 2021.


  • Melissa Allela – Lecturer, Dept. Of Design and Creative Media, Technical University of Kenya
  • Krysteen Savanne – Actress, Film Producer, Community Worker
  • Buddha Blaze – Arts Marketer, Cultural Consultant, Creative Entrepreneur
  • Michael Kassel – Deputy Head of Mission, Austrian Embassy, Eunic Kenya member


  • Rahab Nderu for a street art project in Mombasa entitled ‘Women of Mombasa’
  • Njeri Wangari for the Kenya Poet Podcast featuring candid conversations with Kenyan creatives
  • Michael Mburu for Kwani? Open Mic for the production of a poetry anthology and an audiovisual compilation
  • Ivy Nyayieka for the production of short visual stories chronicling mental illness from the point of view of East African mothers
  • Weldaline Biyaki for the production of a documentary ‘Tabaka Gem’ on the life of soapstone miners and sculptors
  • Mutahi Michael for an education puppet show ‘Earth’s Children’
  • Eva Kaari for the Artsy Murals project, beautifying public spaces with inspiring art on the theme of environmental conservation
  • Chao Maina and African Digital Heritage for the project ‘The Patriots’ Sanctuary’, a sound installation in Karura Forest, that was once home to the Mau Mau.
  • Dancing Feet Aduwa, a contemporary dance festival on the theme ‘Loko’, meaning to change in Luo, that will take place in Kisumu City
  • Sue Wanjiru and Lokhem Kids Entertainment for an e-comic book titled ‘Siri’ that teaches the youth to speak up against sexual abuse